1987 Iroc TPI 350 - How much does it cost to turbocharge a TPI engine?
Turbocharged 1987 Iroc TPI 5.7 - Costs

August 31, 2010 - The most common question I get asked about this project is "How much did it cost?". Before I get started, please understand that this is not a quick install.  There is a lot of downtime, head scratching and re-engineering that goes on.  Some re-engineering can be costly (such as throwing away a pair of 90 degree 3 inch elbows at $20+ each).  To make it more difficult to pin down the exact price,  I got all of my two bolt flanges for free as well as my turbo log manifold, crossover pipe and wastegate. It's good to have friends in the speed shop business! Below is a list of everything I can think of to get the initial installation in place:

Turbo manifold and crossover pipe

I bought this manifold many years ago from Ebay for around $350.  A friend ended up with it but then I got it back after buying the Iroc. It came with an old turbo (gone), rayjay wastegate, throttle body air inlet box, 3" downpipe (gone now), wastegate bypass pipe (gone) and crossover pipe (to the stock driver side manifold). I would estimate the cost to duplicate the manifold to be around $350 in materials, although it would be possible to modify a stock cast manifold as many others have done.

The crossover pipe is much simpler to build and would cost around $100 in materials to duplicate.

Hot-Side components:
$ 450 Log manifold and Crossover tube materials
$ 200 Downpipe - turbo to front of cat, including V-Band clamps and flanges, 16 gauge aluminized
$ 75 Wastegate 35mm
$ 50 Wastegate dump pipe - I bought a 1.5" U-J pipe and flange to build this
$ 45 Oil feed line - braided stainless line, T fitting at oil pressure sending unit
$ 60 Oil return line - AN fittings, braided hose, fuel pump blockoff plate with fitting see this ebay item
$ 125 Thermal protection - spark plug wire boots, thermal barrier material, fiberglass header wrap
$ 300 60mm Ebay turbo
$ 25 Misc stainless bolts/nuts/washers for flanges, turbo
$ 110 PTP Turbo blanket


Total Hot-Side cost

Cold -Side components:

$ 100 Intercooler 32 X 12 X 3
$ 115 Universal 2.5" aluminum piping kit for intercooler
$ 100 Misc silicone couplers, reducers, bungs for IAT sensor & boost reference, BOV flange tube
$ 60 Misc mounting hardware - steel tubing, stainless bolts, broken drill bits!
$ 60 Conical air filter
$ 75 4" aluminized mandrel tubing for cold-air induction, silicone coupler
$ 40 Knock-off blow-off valve

$ 550

Total Cold-Side cost

Other engine components (what I used, there are plenty of other options costing more or less):

$ 260 Megasquirt II - 3.0 unassembled kit (assembled version available for $411 + shipping)
$ 65 Megasquirt wiring harness (not required but very helpful and nice for the price)
$ 210 Wide Band O2 sensor and interface - I used a PLX SM-AFR
$ 400 Precision Turbo 65 lb/hr injectors (you could get away with smaller/cheaper ones)
$ 115 Walbro 255 in-tank pump for gm/chevy
$ 100 MSD 6AL ignition - I bought it used, all other ignition components are stock including wires
$ 100 Battery relocation kit to rear trunk area
$ 100 PLX Boost/Vac module (I originally bought because I needed a 3 bar map for Code 59)
$ 250 PLX DM-200 digital gauge module (required to display the wideband and boost/vac data)

Total Misc Cost (not including my new cat-back, tires, transmission mods etc)

Other cost considerations... Don't forget you'll need an array of tools and/or friends with the needed tools to make this project happen.  The absolute basic things you'll need are a chop-saw, welder (I prefer a TIG so I can deal with the stainless parts such as V-Band flanges), hand-held grinder and a sawsall, in addition to your standard tools such as drills and sabor-saws. I've spent about $1000 on the fabrication tools.

Beyond the tools needed for fabrication, don't forget other supporting mods such as bigger exhaust, a stall converter, built transmission, sticky tires and so on. I'm already over $1500 on transmission and torque converter costs.

So as you can see, it would cost about $3600 to duplicate everything I've done with the turbo install, not including the new transmission that I'm trying to get going or the extra tools I've collected over the years to be able to fabricate. It adds up quick but it is a ton of fun!

In my case,  I was fortunate enough to get a lot of my parts for next to nothing, so I have a little under $2500 in my setup so far.

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