My 1987 Astro V8 Minivan - TPI 350 - ZZ3 Heads - ZZ4 Cam
Old Astro Look
ZZ3Astro's V8 Astro Van
New Astro Look
The purpose of this site is to provide information about my old project: V8 conversion and customization of my 1987 Astro minivan. The orginal page began on November 14, 1999, the day I decided to look for an Astro to modify. This van is no longer in my possession but I have left these pages up for your benefit.

new wheels

These pages contain info about my now sold V8 Astro van. It had a ZZ3 Crate motor modded with AFR heads and more. Some links may no longer work. Sorry. You can find out more about V8 conversions to Astro and Safari minivans at

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Current Astro Specs
TPI Project Journal (current)
Project Journal 11/99 thru 8/01
Future plans

Assembly of the ZZ3
ZZ3 V8 Installation Pics
The dual 2.5" exhaust
High Res Exhaust photos NEW!

Photos of bodywork - NEW!
Phantom Billet Grille install - NEW!
Flourescent Yellow Instruments

Very First Pics of the van
Burnout Pics!

V8 Astro videos!
Astro Sounds

2500 Mile Cruise to OKC
Astro on the Dyno!
The broken 10 bolt story

Astro/Safari LINKS!