Broken 10 Bolt Rear Disaster

When I first looked underneath the Astro, I was cussing the cheap U-Joint I had installed on the rear of the drive shaft. I normally use Spicer, but this was the only U-Joint I could find that would fit this application. Further observation shows that if I had used a Spicer U-Joint, things might have been even worse... Note the center of the differential cover - you can see parts protruding from the ring & pinion housing. The cheapo U-Joint broke because the rear end locked up!
Most of the debris in the housing came from the two spider gears.. You can also see some missing teeth from the ring gear. Pretty!
Once again, my cell phone's towing coverage really helped.. last time it was the transmission.. Ironically, the tranny shifts so much harder now that it probably led to the demise of the rear! I hate ten bolts - but this was long over-due! This is the fourth ten bolt kill of my hotrodding career!

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