Haulin' Asstro Videos!

May 15, 2000 - After a whole year, I'm finally updating this page to match the rest of the site! I'm currently in the process of eliminating all of the Real Player Media files and replacing them with the much favored .MPG format..

Ride along at 120 MPH Real Media (220k bytes)
Street takeoff to approx 100 mph Real Media (475k bytes)
Killer first and second gear burnout! Real Media (250k bytes)Windows Media (1700K)
Astro passing by at 130 mph!Real Media (650k bytes)Windows Media (1900k)

First real burnout at the drag strip! Crowd loves it!

Real Media (101k)

Windows Media (coming soon)

First day at the 1/8 Mile Dragstrip in Holt, Florida (May 1999).. Here is a 9.31 at 78.41 mph pass against a Prelude running 9.94 @ 70.18 mph.. what fun!

Real Media (101k)

Windows Media (1795k) NEW 5/2000!!

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