Trip to OKC from Florida in my V8 Astro - Page 2

After filling up in Pine Bluff Arkansas, we stopped for lunch in Little Rock where we heard about Rt 25, the "Pig Trail" that leads up from Ozark Arkanas right to our destination of Fayetteville Arkansas! Forget the Interstate, we're going site-seeing (and saving 40 miles!) After exiting I-40 at Ozark, we filled up AGAIN and headed North into the mountains!

776 Miles and 75.3 gallons total

The Pig Trail!

As the waitress told us, this is a beautiful drive through steep climbs and sharp curves. What fun in the Astro!

I could just imagine taking a Corvette through this route!

The altitude of this area is around 2600 feet.. I could feel a slight reduction in torque but over all the Astro was loving the heavy climbs of this road!

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