ZZ3Astro Dyno Session

February 4, 2000 - Almost one year to the day from when I began driving the V8 Astro, I finally got a chance to get it checked out on a chassis dyno! Panhandle Performance is a client of mine and offered me some dyno time.. Of course I had to take them up on the offer!

Excitement mounts as the van is backed onto the Mustang Dynamometer chassis dyno ramps!

The guys at Panhandle are familiar with my van but there was a lot of joking going on at the sight of a minivan on their dyno! The irony is that the peak RPM and RWHP numbers exceed those of many of the cars that have been on this dyno!

Dynosheet from the second best run.. We forgot to print the graph for the 314.55 HP run.

Click here to see the dyno-pull on Real Player

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