ZZ3 Re-Assembly


Before putting the ZZ3 in the Astro, I had to replace one piston which had a broken ring land due to Project 142 Blower! While apart, I decided to replace all bearings and the oil pump.

Note the pretty 1053 Forged Steel crank and the stock ZZ3 single roller timing chain being reused.

My friend Jeff N was helping me with the assembly.. Here he installs one of the new main bearings.

The only wear found on the stock bearings was to the top half of the rod bearings.. Surely not due to three years of hard abuse!

I'm torquing the main caps and thinking about the big job ahead - installation of the pistons and rod caps.. At least it's starting to look like an engine again!

Everything else went smoothly and the engine was ready to install into the Astro!

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