Haulin' AssTro's ZZ3 Installation is completed!!

Installation of the ZZ3 V8 into my 1987 Astro minivan!

zz3 sitting in it's new home

The 1995 ZZ3 (with AFR195 heads/vic jr intake/Lunati cam) sitting in the Astro's engine bay.

Lift off!!

Installing a small block chevy into an Astro minivan is really a simple process.  You simply disconnect a couple of electrical harnesses,  the exhaust,  driveshaft,  cooling lines,  AC lines,  front brake line,  shifting linkage and remove six subframe bolts  - - Voila!  Support the front subframe with jack stands and lift the body right off.


Here's a closer view of the underside of the van.. notice the 27 gallon fuel tank directly over the Altenator?  Look at all the space to the left of it for exhaust/mufflers (and more mufflers)!  Can you say S-L-E-E-P-E-R >?

subframe assy v6

This is what you have to work with once the body is up out of the way.  nearly unlimited access to the entire engine/trans/accessories.  Man this project gets easier and easier to work with!

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