zz3 waiting in front of Astro

The ZZ3 has been asleep for about seven months but it's time has finally come to rescue a pathetic and ailing 4.3 liter V6 (150 hp) from it's tough job..  Haulin' a 4000+ pound Astro around.  How's 400+ HP sound in place of 150?  I like the concept but I bet the 700R4 won't!!

zz3 closeup

The recently freshened (new bearings, gaskets & one piston) ZZ3 awaits it's imminent transplant into the Astro! Specs on this engine can be found here

going in

After removing the 4.3 and transmission,  the tranny was attached to the ZZ3 and in the picture the assy is being hoisted up and pushed back to align the V8 adapter mounts I purchased from Custom Conversions, Inc.  1-800-952-4225.  By the way,  these 4.3 to V8 mounts are indestructible by design!  I'd say they could handle 1000 HP without a problem.

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