finishing touches on the wiring harness

Your's truly putting the finishing touches on the V8 wiring harness.  Damn, I'm good!  By the way,  it fit like a charm!  I ran the main part of the harness along the intake,  just inside of the pass side valve cover.  I left the wiring intact for low-oil-pressure fuel pump shutoff.  For now,  I will probably wire in a light to compliment the factory oil pressure gauge,  as well as an easy way for me to know the engine isn't running (since the exhaust is going to be super quiet). This will also simplify a future fuel injection/DFI install I'm thinking about doing on the Van by providing the no-oil-pressure fuel shutoff feature.

front view

The accessory bracket will be a slight problem.  Somewhere between stock 4.3 and AFR sbc heads,  the accessory bracket holes don't quite line up on the driver side head.  It's a simple fix with an air grinder but an unexpected let down nevertheless.  I shouldn't complain though,  this whole job has been a lot easier than expected (with a lift of course!).  The hardest part was (and will be) removing/installing the front grille assy.

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